Induction.ID is a user-friendly online induction software tool that can enable personnel to complete their induction before arriving on your site. They can submit their personal details, upload certification, watch a site induction video and answer a site induction questions; all using a system which is branded and customized for your company.

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Our goal is to will save your business time, money and help minimize risk...


Save Time – TIME to get on with the job.

Our individually tailored Induction process saves time and money because there is:

  • No time lost carrying out inductions on site
  • No time lost filling out forms on site
  • No time lost repeating inductions on site

Easy induction – SAFER induction.

Our individually tailored Induction process is much improved over and above the traditional methods with:

  • Consistent inductions; nothing missed out
  • Approve or deny all personnel inductions easily
  • Site logistics, area plans, are efficiently delivered

Admin – MINIMIZE administration time.

Our individually tailored Online Site Induction process reduces administration because of:

  • Automatic record of successful inductions
  • One stop location which is always accessible
  • Site events are easily communicated to all

Mobile Friendly - Access from your PC, tablet or phone

Compatible With All devices

Our individually tailored Induction process can be used on the go, 24/7 with remote induction using a Smart Phone, Tablet, PC, Laptop and any other internet-friendly environment.

Outstanding Customer Support

24/7 Friendly To All Requests

Feel feel to call us at +868-222-0011 or email us at if you have any questions about our INDUCTION system. Someone is always available to assist you.


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